Enterprise imaging software makes the leap into more current look/feel.

  • Client

    Prowess Consulting

  • Role

    Creative Director

  • Responsibilities

    Website Design/Layout, UI/UX Development

  • Technologies

    HTML/CSS, Responsive Layout, CMS (WordPress)

  • Software

    Photoshop, Illustrator

SmartDeploy is a software product that allows IT professionals to do their work on new systems in a central locale rather than travel to each and every new workstation within an organization. The company and technology has been around for decades, and as their website hadn’t received a full re-design for quite a while, it was long overdue.

The challenge with the design of this particular web presence was that the client wanted clean and modern, but didn’t necessarily want “sleek” in the broad sense of the word. They knew their audience far better than I, so while I led creative, the client made determination of what the look and feel should be for their target demographic.

Tastes and demographics vary, and I’ve always done my best to provide creative guidance from my POV. However, there are also times where a creative director isn’t in place to  impart their vision, but rather, is there to take what the client envisions and bring into existence, advising on best practices along the way. My work on SmartDeploy was more in this latter realm.

While some might consider the design less than arresting, it was exactly what the client wanted, and precisely what they felt would resonate with their target audience.

We kept it extremely simple, with friendly, flat graphics and iconography breaking up the information to make it more easily digestable.

As there was so much information on their old website, it was a challenge to create the UI/UX funnel such that the information could all be included and easily found, carefully avoiding the pitfalls of rabbitholes of content and subpages. I led the client through a very methodical, intentional process to map out the site flow, long before we entered the design phase.

In the end, though the design was relatively simple, we went through multiple iterations, until every stakeholder was pleased, with each and every page, first as wireframes, and then as comps, refining as we went. I did provide some support in coding, but predominantly guided a team of their in-house developers to build the site.

On the whole, the job was a long, arduous process, but in the end, the clients were ecstatic not only with the look and feel of the revamp, but also with the results, as their sales and engagement increased exponentially.

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