New construction technology company seeks to break the mold.

  • Client

    Rhino Headers

  • Role

    Creative Director

  • Responsibilities

    Website Design/Layout, UI/UX Development

  • Software

    Photoshop, Illustrator

The CEO from Rhino approached me with this project, having been familiar with my creative direction and design for PureHome. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the aesthetic of other construction and tool websites and thought that they tended to either look dated or dumbed-down. As this new product, Rhino Headers, was to be a breakthrough in construction technology, he wanted the web experience to not be the usual, so he came to me for consultation, and wound up recruiting me to create the design and oversee the build.

The approach was to really make the product itself shine and to provide the content in the simplest format possible while having an aesthetic that communicated an edgier feel. I opted to really make the product as large on the page as possible, and really employed the use of white space, with varying headline and content font sizes for dynamics.

I designed the site to work responsively (as I do with all designs now), so after wireframing out the site experience, the comps were generated in two phases, so that the client could see what the tablet/mobile versus desktop experience would be, and so the development team would have a blueprint for layout. We worked through the entire site, comps built for each and every page, with all client stakeholders weighing in along the way.

Once everyone was completely satisfied and comps approved, I worked directly with the development team, providing layered comps and a style guide to ensure they drove down the middle lane.

Though the site is still being finalized and tweaked, it can be viewed in current state at rhinoheaders.com.