Regional sports bar and gastropub knows how to keep it simple.

  • Client

    Home Plate Gastropub

  • Role

    Creative Director

  • Responsibilities

    Website Design/Layout, UI/UX Development, Photography

  • Technology

    HTML/CSS, CMS (WordPress)

  • Software

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom

This is a very intentionally simple website experience, and the majority reason why I’ve included it in my portfolio is because it’s a clear exercise in restraint, and as well, the owner is such a tremendous human, I wanted to give some more visibility to his establishment.

I was originally approached to rebrand the pub, as it started as a very humble neighborhood sports bar and the owner was expanding, aiming to take his business up a notch. After I re-designed his logo and color palette (which you can see under the branding section), he was clued into my other work, and asked if I would re-design his website, which was, essentially, a landing page.

He knew what content he wanted, and knowing his clientele better than anyone, wanted to keep the overall experience extremely simple, so I took that cue and went with it.

The one missing component was any compelling visual content. He suggested stock photography, but I thought that just wouldn’t do, so we built some of my photography into the scope of the project, and so, all the imagery on the site is from a shoot that I did on site.

In the end, we came together on a ultra-simple design that not only covered all the bases he wanted, but gave his gastropub a much needed online presence that perfectly reflected the image he wishes to portray.

Check it out at homeplatepub.com, and by all means, if you’re in northern Washington state, stop in for a pint, and tell them Stefan sent you.