A boutique advertising agency seeks to reflect a more polished image.

  • Client

    Envision Response, Inc.

  • Role

    Creative Director

  • Responsibilities

    Website Design/Layout, UI/UX Development, Print Design, Video Production/Direction

  • Technologies

    HTML/CSS, Responsive Layout, CMS (WordPress)

  • Software

    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Google Suite

When I first began my time as creative director at Envision Response, it became apparent that not only was there much work to do with and for a number of clients, but also, the agency itself was in need of some focus on internal marketing media, including (and especially) its website.

I was brought on to the team to help the agency pivot overall to a more prominent stance in the industry. I was hired primarily as a creative director and producer for projects, but my vast experience as a designer and team leader in the web presence realm, I was able to re-work the face of the agency in alignment with the new direction.

The new site was an exercise in exploring how to best present the portfolio of the agency, as well as represent the mission and vibe for the present and future.

Though the company had a previous site, it was so dated that it really left no breadcrumbs for the revision. So, it was built from scratch.

I chose the CMS platform WordPress for the build. I did wireframe the entire project, but my comp stage was minimal, opting instead to do more design as I built. The eventual result, as you can see from the before and after imagery, is far and above what existed before, much more on trend, timeless, and befitting a forward-thinking marketing agency.

In my years at Envision, I also served as creative director in the digital and broadcast commercial realm, working on a number of spots that can be seen here on my site in the film/video section.

See the full Envision Response site at envisionresponse.com.