A home furnishings startup employs sleek look for marketing offshoot.

  • Client


  • Role

    Creative Director

  • Responsibilities

    Website Design/Layout, UI/UX Development, Print Design, Branding

  • Software

    Photoshop, Illustrator

After my time working as creative director at PureHome, I was approached by their marketing team to help with another project. The idea was to create an online magazine. It would stand as a separate entity from the PureHome platform, but be utilized largely to help drive traffic to their site and promote their vendors.

As we came together to flesh out the concept, I worked with the marketing and merchandising teams in tandem to determine the goals and target audience. I then went through a intensive process of creating a fully-functional, separate (and unique) brand that would help to attract an affluent audience and drive consumers to the PureHome site.

After the branding was complete, I went through the entire optimal site design process, flowcharting out the UI/UX and wireframing the individual pages.

Once all this had been approved by the various stakeholders, I worked with the development team to brainstorm how we could build out a unique experience, and I comped out the entire site for desktop and mobile as we went, utilizing some new technologies, and developing a comprehensive style guide as we went.

Though the Project Dominique site was completely built out and populated with a few months worth of content, unfortunately, PureHome was purchased by home furnishings company Dezignable before it was live, but we were all so proud of the end product, that I felt compelled to share the screenshots that were not deemed as proprietary.