Web Design

An organization's online presence is obviously crucial in today's marketplace. It's not only a means to provide information, but it is, more importantly, the chance to depict your brand and aesthetic in the most dynamic and widely consumed medium available.

I’ve been designing and developing websites since the early advent of HTML, and have continued to evolve with my aesthetic and approach as trends and standards have evolved. I’m not a developer by trade, but know enough code and UI/UX practice to be able to design with all the possibilities and limitations in practice.

Here is just a small sample of websites on which I’ve crafted and guided creative.

AEG Presents

Series of microsites built for various high-profile artists and venues.


Large, 10k+ SKU home decor and furnishings e-commerce marketplace.

Envision Response

Full site for broadcast direct response and digital marketing agency.


In-depth website and marketplace for global software product line.

Home Plate Pub

Online presence for regional gastropub.

Rhino Headers

Informational site for innovative home construction product.

Project Dominique

High-end style and decor magazine for retailer online marketing.

Sensa Salon

Home of Downtown Seattle salon and spa.

Comen VFX

Site for Los Angeles based independent film visual effects house.



Done correctly, the development of a website should be intentional and methodical. Many firms aim to shortcut certain steps, but every project is as unique as the organization they represent, so then should the creative be unique and effective as an extension of the brand.


The first step is to determine audience, aesthetic, and content for the site. We break down everything and ensure that everyone’s on the same page on desired look, feel, and intention.


Before we build the experience, we develop the framework. This can be done with outlines, flowcharts, and/or wireframes. This doesn’t need to be complicated, but can go a long way towards mapping out the UI/UX.


Also known as the comp phase… Comp is short for comprehensive design layout. This is the stage where a tangible look/feel begins to come into focus, and refinement takes place so that we can all see what will live on the page, and how it all flows together.


The site is taken from visual depiction to living, breathing website. After the site is built, we refine the code to ensure maximum performance and optimization. Only when everyone is satisfied does the site go live on the web.

As a creative lead, I don’t see myself as the final word. You know your audience and your business better than anyone. I believe in a truly collaborative effort, where we engage as partners in ensuring that your organization is represented in the best light possible, and that you have a presence of which you can be proud for years to come.