Film + Video

Video content is the ultimate visual medium. Executed and utilized effectively, nothing can tell a story quite like it. I have had the opportunity to work as a producer and director in independent film and commercial agency realms, bringing a unique and flexible point of view to production.

From broadcast commercial to digital brand essence, activist documentary to feature narrative, music video to series pilot, I’ve worked as a producer and director in every space imaginable, on budgets large and small. Below is just a partial sample of projects on which I’ve worked. Scroll down further for my non-commercial work.




Role: Director
Client: T-fal
Agency: Envision

This short sizzle is pulled from the broadcast long-form commercial that is part of a multi-faceted international print and video media campaign soon to be launched.

©2018 Groupe SEB International

Fridge Fresh

Role: Director
Client: Berry Breeze
Agency: Envision/VidPow

This comedic shareable/viral online video campaign for Fridge Fresh has received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook.

©2017 Berry Breeze

Premera: You

Role: Creative Director
Client: Premera Blue Cross
Agency: DMW Direct

I guided a team of editors and animators to create this national broadcast spot from storyboards provided by the agency, with :60 and :120 deliverables.

©2017 Premera Blue Cross

Suze Orman: FSN

Role: Director
Client: Time-Life
Agency: Envision

This intro is pulled from the longer broadcast infomercial for renowned financial advisor Suze Orman’s latest instructional product, Financial Security Now.

©2017 Time-Life & Suze Orman Media

AAA Life Insurance

Role: Creative Director + Producer
Client: The Auto Club Group
Agency: Envision

National 2:00 broadcast spot for American Automobile Association for their first commercial outing into the life insurance market.

©2016 The Auto Club Group


Role: Director + Field Producer
Client: Memory Sciences
Agency: Envision

Initially scoped as an infomercial, this project evolved into a multi-faceted national broadcast and digital media campaign. The journalistic-style approach led to the ability to segment the content into a number of different digital and broadcast videos.

©2017 Memory Sciences

LifeWise: Your Life

Role: Creative Director
Client: LifeWise of Washington
Agency: DMW Direct

This simple, emotional spot was broadcast regionally to encourage open enrollment on the health insurance exchange. I guided creative from a series of stills and content provided by the agency.

©2017 LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

Johns Hopkins: Partners in Care

Role: Creative Director
Client: Johns Hopkins Medical
Agency: DMW Direct

Together, the client and agency determined the general look of the spot, and I guided creative execution of the elements within, with a few creative liberties along the way.

©2016 Johns Hopkins Medical


Role: Creative Post Producer
Client: Teeter Hang Ups
Agency: Envision

Rather than a full re-production of their original show, this infomercial was essentially culled together from three different versions, with three different producers and directors. I oversaw and guided creative through post. This is the intro to the show.

©2016 Teeter




I started my journey in front of the camera, and from the moment I stepped behind it, I found a true passion for storytelling through moving pictures. My roles as an actor, a director, and a producer have each informed the other, creating a unique approach to all.


I have a distinct relationship to the camera, coming from my time in front of it. I know the language of both sides, and my commitment to authentic performance and elevated aesthetic remains tantamount. In addition, I know the mechanical work necessary to successfully execute a collaborative vision.


My time in the independent film work compelled me to be scrappy, as working as a producer in this realm means not only creating a lot with a little, but led me to do the work of a production manager, line producer, and production coordinator, all under the umbrella of a producer title.


Although I’m not an editor by trade, I know enough to be dangerous, and I personally believe that, in order to be the best director, you must be able to edit in your head and on paper as if you were in the edit bay. Having a background in editing has made me a far better director and producer.


My journey has been multi-faceted, which gives me a unique POV. A long time working in design has given me an ability to craft compelling pictures, and years of teaming with marketing teams has informed my capacity to create for a client and an audience effectively.


Working in the independent film world is its own beast, demanding its own unique skillsets. I’ve worked on all phases, from pitch and development, to small and large budget production, all the way through post and distribution. Here are just a few of my works.


Heart of the Country

Role: Producer
Prod Co: Bayridge Films
Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Shot over the course of a month in Wilmington, NC and New York City, my work on this as a producer entailed major production and location management duties.

Format: Trailer (01:38)

Yoga for Salvador

Role: Director
Prod Co: Wanderhouse

After winning a development grant from OIFF, we went on to shoot this short dramedy over the course of 4 days in Seattle and Orcas Island, WA. The film went on to play as an official selection at 18 festivals, taking jury awards at 2.

Format: Full Film (15:50)


Role: Producer
Prod Co: Wanderhouse/Jackson-Hall
Distributor: Kris Kidd Productions

A crowdfunded project, this intense period drama premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival, where it took home a coveted jury mention.

Format: Trailer (01:02)

Solid Blue

Role: Director
Prod Co: Wanderhouse

Produced with a micro-crew and originally slated as a promotional video for the SPD Pipes & Drums Corp, this tribute documentary (my first) was a winner of two national film festivals.

Format: Full Film (07:57)

I Am

Role: Producer
Prod Co: Upper Room Multimedia
Distributor: 20th Century Fox

My very first project as a production manager led me into working up to a producer title on this low-budget faith-based project that ultimately got released by Fox.

Format: Trailer (02:01)

Turning Point

Role: Producer
Prod Co: Wanderhouse/Public Displays of Affection
Distributor: IndieFlix/Hulu

After this ultra-low budget experimental short project played at numerous international film festivals, winning several along the way, it was picked up by Hulu for limited distribution.

Format: Trailer (01:12)


Role: Producer
Prod Co: Branch Line/Wanderhouse

What began with a 4Culture grant project grew into a much larger dramatic short film, shot on authentic period steam engines. This film is currently killing it on the festival circuit, having played at over 20 festivals so far and pulling down numerous awards. As it’s not yet publicly released, here’s a piece that will demonstrate the production quality achieved with on a shoestring budget.

Format: Post Crowdfunding Pitch (02:22)

The Things We Keep

Role: Executive Producer
Prod Co: Wanderhouse

This passion project, directed by my production partner, was a sleeper hit, premiering at Seattle International Film Fest, playing in over 20 international festivals as official selection, and airing on PBS and featured on Alaska Airlines independent film channel.

Format: Full Film (04:27)

Beta Test

Role: Production Manager
Prod Co: Mirror Images
Distributor: Screen Media Films

Independent film is not for bystanders. I came onto this project less than a week before principal photography with a couple first-time producers onboard. It was a major logistical puzzle with some locations not locked into place. In the end, pulled it off with a ton of focus and solid crew.

Format: Trailer (02:12)