Brand Development

An organizations's logo mark is the single most identifiable visual representation of their brand. There really can be no shortcuts in design/development. It should be lasting, iconic, and unique to the entity which it represents.

I take the creation and development of a brand’s identity very seriously, knowing quite well how important and sacred it is for any organization. Here’s a partial sampling of the branding work I’ve done.



The evolution of a brand identity doesn’t just happen. It should be informed and carefully worked-through so that its shelf life is timeless.


Explore the brand, the mission, and the people involved in the organization in question. It’s my chance to find the true heart and soul of the human element behind the business.


What is the competition doing? Who’s the audience? What’s the messaging desired? What visual benchmarks can we establish together?


Implement brand insights and desired aesthetic into exhaustive design options. Provide elemental options for icons, fonts, and marks for review and constructive conversation.


Work through options and continue to combine and contrast elements until the perfect branding option comes into view.

Once your primary branding elements are established, multiple logo options are essential to have available for various mediums + uses. In addition, the logo development will inform the crafting of the overall brand guidelines, which should be detailed in document form, to ensure consistent usage.


Here are some examples of brand work in development. As you can see, options are crucial to really evaluate what truly resonates and most effectively represents the brand.